Video walls for conference rooms and television studios
Video wall made of LED modules allows you to install large screens with seamless stitching.

We produce and install high definition LED video walls with a pixel pitch of 1.6 mm to 4 mm.

Main areas where LED screens are used:

  • LED video displays for conference halls;
  • LED video displays for television studios;
  • LED video displays for control points;
  • LED video displays for dispatcher rooms;
  • LED video displays for theater stages and cinemas.

Video wall made of LED modules allows you to install large screens with seamless stitching, unlike video walls assembled from LCD or Plasma panels.

Video wall made of conventional TV screens

Video wall made of LED panels

The video wall for the conference room is a modern information display tool that allows all meeting participants access to graphic information.

Thanks to the large size of the LED video wall, high resolution and wide viewing angle (H / V: 170 ° / 170 °), the viewer will be able to read text easily from any point in the conference room, see the presentation slides and see the video in the smallest details.

The video wall for the television studio is a modern high-tech device, which consists of separate LED modules. A video signal is transmitted to this split screen.

The size of the video wall depends on the number of modules. You can create a screen of any size in height and width, depending on its purpose.

Our video walls are capable of working in non-stop, 24-hour mode.

A detailed comparison of interior LED video displays with conventional LED LCD TVs

LED video displays LED LCD TVs
600-1000 CD/
350-500 CD/
Realistic image 100% matte display generates a realistic picture, which is perceived as more voluminous and emotional. The image and the viewer are divided by glass which reflects the light, and as a result, the image perception deteriorates.
Image quality in direct sunlight The image does not deteriorate due to lack of a glass coating and high brightness LEDs. Brightness over: 600-1000 CD/ The image deteriorates due glass coating which gets glare. Maximum brightness: 350-500 CD/
Designer solutions implementation It is possible to produce displays of any size and implement any design solution, such as: columns, arches, corners, radius-curved rounded shapes, floors, ceilings and furniture elements There is no flexible technology to implement the required screen size. Displays are formed according to basic screen ratios, which often do not correspond to the required sizes of the project, e.g - 55", 120cm х 68cm panels
Possibility of transformation and display sizes If necessary, the display construction can be altered, thus changing its size and the interior itself. Impossible.
Repairability Modular assembly technology allows to easily and quickly replace any damaged element. Dead pixels, cracked glass, black lines along the display, and other defects are not subject to repair.
Lifetime ≥ 10 years ≥ 5 years
Power consumption ~ 0,45 kW/h/m² ~ 0,60 kW/h/m²
Service LED displays are serviced on the spot without screen disassembling and with no need to bring them to service centers. LED LCD TVs must be disassembled completely when serviced and brought to service centers, which may take much time.
Viewing Angle H/V: 170°/ 170° H/V: 150°/ 150°
Operating temperature range -45℃~ +50℃ 0℃~ +40℃
Update speed ≥ 100 kHz 30 ~ 81 kHz
Colors 16 million 16 million

Full-color LED video screens, video walls combine all the main advantages of existing visual advertising technologies:

  • high-quality dynamic full-color video advertising;
  • the ability to run a live video broadcast;
  • high-quality image and high-resolution screen;
  • the modular design of video screens;
  • ultra-bright LEDs that provide extremely high brightness and visibility under any conditions, allowing you to use the screen in direct sunlight and brightly lit rooms;
  • high intensity and contrast of the image;
  • high reliability and durability;
  • the possibility of "building up" LED video screens (enlarging and transforming);
  • the possibility of combining LED displays into a network and managing them from a single center;
  • LED screens belong to the class of active displays, that means, that their surface is a light source, unlike projectors and other devices in which the light source is separated from the screen;
  • in direct sunlight, the image of the LED display does not lose its contrast, especially when using gray filters that weaken the external light;
  • the controllers and software of the screen allow it to work on the specified settings without the participation of the operator, control can be done remotely.

The LED screen price includes:

  • switching cables (information and power supply);
  • software;
  • warranty service of LED screens;
  • basic training in working with LED equipment;
  • consultation on all matters related to the installation and operation of LED displays.

We produce custom displays, so our customers have the opportunity to specify the need for:

  • availability of draft technical and electro-technical part of the screen;
  • taking into account specific factors that will affect the operation of the screen in the future;
  • installation features (the need for additional mounts, etc.).

We guarantee:

  • high quality that will positively affect the image of your company;
  • optimal price (all components are purchased from the manufacturer, which helps us reduce the cost without losing the quality of the final product);
  • availability and possibility of developing additional non-standard functions according to customer requirements;
  • professional installation of the product by our experienced specialists;
  • full warranty and after-sales service of the LED video screen. logotips Atrodi telefonus, datorus, fotokameras un citas preces interneta veikalos