Indoor LED screen
Attract customers with unique viewing capabilities on large and user-friendly screens


We offer the latest design solutions for storefronts and interiors of shopping centers and stores.

Our new technology allows us to produce LED video displays of any desired shapes and sizes in terms of width and height for indoor use.

Attract customers with unique viewing capabilities on large and user-friendly screens.

Reach maximum realism in visual presentation.

Instantly inform clients about new offers and promotions.

Launch advertising campaigns across your entire store network in a matter of a few minutes.

One of the most popular trends in the modern world of visual advertising is related to media displays. Being a bright concept for business, media displays allow to deliver the right advertising information to consumers in a new and exciting way.

This type of advertising is more effective than conventional, since it influences the maximum possible number of our receptors.

Let's compare LED video displays by with LED LCD TVs often used in retail networks:

LED video displays LED LCD TVs
Indoor: 500-800 CD/
Outdoor: 4500-6500 CD/
Indoor: 350-700 CD/
Outdoor: 900-2500 CD/
Realistic image 100% matte display generates a realistic picture, which is perceived as more voluminous and emotional. The image and the viewer are divided by glass which reflects the light, and as a result, the image perception deteriorates.
Image quality in direct sunlight The image does not deteriorate due to lack of a glass coating and high brightness LEDs. Brightness over: Indoor: 500-800 CD/m², Outdoor: 4500-6500 CD/ The image deteriorates due glass coating which gets glare. Maximum brightness: Indoor: 350-700 CD/m², Outdoor: 900-2500 CD/
Designer solutions implementation It is possible to produce displays of any size and implement any design solution, such as: columns, arches, corners, radius-curved rounded shapes, floors, ceilings and furniture elements There is no flexible technology to implement the required screen size. Displays are formed according to basic screen ratios, which often do not correspond to the required sizes of the project, e.g - 55", 120cm х 68cm panels
Possibility of transformation and display sizes If necessary, the display construction can be altered, thus changing its size and the interior itself. Impossible.
Repairability Modular assembly technology allows to easily and quickly replace any damaged element. Dead pixels, cracked glass, black lines along the display, and other defects are not subject to repair.
Lifetime ≥ 10 years ≥ 5 years
Power consumption ~ 0,45 kW/h/m² ~ 0,60 kW/h/m²
Service LED displays are serviced on the spot without screen disassembling and with no need to bring them to service centers. LED LCD TVs must be disassembled completely when serviced and brought to service centers, which may take much time.
Viewing Angle H/V: 170°/ 170° H/V: 150°/ 150°
Operating temperature range -45℃~ +50℃ 0℃~ +40℃
Update speed ≥ 100 kHz 30 ~ 81 kHz
Colors 16 million 16 million

What are the advantages of using video displays in advertising and why are they so popular?

  • Dynamic video advertising attracts customers' attention by 400% more than static light banners and posters.
  • The launch of new advertising campaigns across your entire store network will take only a couple of minutes, and you will no longer need to spend time printing banners and posters, as well as get involved in their installation and dismantling.
  • Instant informing of customers about new offers and promotions is easier and more efficient. Instead of showing a static poster, you will be able to download a series of advertising campaigns or videos that will clearly show your proposal to customers.
  • The cost of advertising will be reduced, since you will have no need to print new posters as you simply upload videos or photos to your video displays.

We produce customized displays, so our customers have the opportunity to specify the need for:

  • availability of the project for technical and electro-technical part of the screen;
  • consideration of specific factors that will affect the operation of the product in the future;
  • installation features (need for additional fastenings, etc.)

We guarantee:

  • high quality to affect the image of your company
  • optimal price (all components are purchased from the manufacturer, which helps us to reduce the price without losing the final product quality)
  • availability and possibility of developing additional non-standard functions according to the client's requirements
  • professional product installation by our experienced specialists
  • full warranty and post-warranty service of media displays logotips Atrodi telefonus, datorus, fotokameras un citas preces interneta veikalos