Video displays
We have the best prices for video displays

Video displays

We have the best prices for video displays! We produce video displays of absolutely any size in terms of height and length.

The main types of video displays and their use:

LED HD Screens for Conference Rooms and video walls

We manufacture and install interior LED video screens with pixel pitch from 1.6 mm to 4 mm.

The scope of such screens: conference rooms, sports bars, television studios, concert venues, scenes, home cinema halls, gyms, swimming pools, night clubs, shop windows, reception rooms, and also as an alternative to static banners and signs for advertising purposes.

Interior video displays

These are used indoors to decorate shopping centers, stores, conference rooms and are characterized by high resolution and accuracy of image.

LED video signs

A video display is installed instead of a conventional advertising sign or as an addition to it in your store, office, or salon.

The installation is possible both on the building's facade and in the shop window. Media signs are an effective and striking advertising solution that allows you to visually show your services to a large audience of pedestrians and drivers passing by.

Outdoor LED video displays 

Modular LED technology allows to produce LED video displays of any desired shapes and sizes in width and height for year-round 24/7 outdoor use. 

Media facades

These video displays are designed to turn the facade of your building into one huge monitor, an efficient advertising trading platform.

Media facades replace ordinary PVC banners that require printing, mounting, dismantling, maintenance and are also rather expensive.

Rental (mobile) displays

Such displays are designed for regular assembly and disassembly in the shortest possible time, for example a 30-square-meter display can be mounted in 2-3 hours.

They are used at concerts, presentations, entertainment events, etc.

Prices for full-color video displays:

Average cost of video display: from 1100 euro/m².

In each case, the price is calculated individually, taking into account all the nuances and requirements for the display such as:

  • display size
  • image quality and viewing distance (possible pixel density from 3mm to 30mm)
  • type of use (indoor or outdoor)
  • display design: stationary or mobile (the latter for regular quick assembly and dismantling of the display at exhibitions, concerts and other events
  • display technology (SMD or DIP)

We will calculate the cost of your video screen within one day one we receive your request!

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What is the difference between LED displays and conventional LCD monitors?

The main difference between our LED displays from conventional LCD TVs and monitors:

  • Brightness of the glow which allows to mount a display in direct sunlight while the image remains accurate and lush even from a distance.
  • The size of an outdoor LED video display is unlimited.
  • LED video display consists of components: modules up to 30 centimeters in size, which can be replaced with a new or repaired one in case of any display failure. So, the cost and timing of LED display repairing is reduced to a minimum.
  • Our RGB video displays are characterized by high quality and image contrast, so they can be placed both outdoors and indoors. The displays are water-resistant and are protected from low and temperatures as the ones in direct sunlight.


What display size to choose?

In order to understand what size you need, determine the average distance from the viewer to the screen and take into account the height of the display.

Side and size ratios can vary, though the following ones are most frequently used: 1:1, 1:2, 4:3, 16:9.

We can produce a display of any height and length.
For example, a display can repeat the entire perimeter of your store, emphasizing the architecture of your building and demonstrating your company’s prestige.


Functions and visual effects of a video display:

  • All video formats supported 
  • Text with a variety of effects: flickering, moving left to right, bottom to top, etc. at a different speed.
  • GIF animations and pictures can be easily uploaded an played
  • Date and time, air temperature
  • Image scheduler: you can upload vast information into a display at the same time, by specifying the date and time for actual display.
  • Area split: the display can be divided into several areas, and each will play independent information.

Video interfaces:

  • DVI

  • HDMI

Extra sensors:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Brightness sensor

Energy consumption:

  • Average power consumption - 300 W/m²

  • Maximum power consumption - 800 W/m²

Control options for video displays:

  • Basic configuration - download information via USB flash drive
    The program is created on your computer and stored on a USB flash drive. Once the flash drive is inserted into the USB connector, the new information is saved and displayed.

    The advantage is that the display can work remotely from the computer.

    A USB wire with a connector can be 3-15 meters long.

  • Permanent display connection via Ethernet LAN cable or serial port:
    Information is sent to the display at the touch of a button.

  • Connect to the display via a wired WIFI receiver

Temperature and weather conditions:

  • Our displays can withstand temperatures from -30 to +50 degrees.

  • Displays are airtight and protected from moisture, rain, and snow.

What is the service life of a LED video display?

  • The service life of constantly turned on displays is 3+ years.

What are the terms of manufacturing a creeping line?

  • Standard production of a display takes 7-14 working days.

  • If an order exceeds the required amount of available stored parts, the manufacturing time may take 20 -30 working days.

Why do we have people ordering our displays?

  • We produce creeping lines and video displays ourselves, so in case of breakdown we have the opportunity to repair the product as soon as possible.
  • Our creeping lines are created by using quality materials and time-tested technologies, which guarantees a longer lifetime of displays under the influence of sunlight, precipitation, and temperature changes.
  • Due to the fact that we purchase LED modules for our products directly from manufacturers, we guarantee you not only quality but also low prices.
  • Polite people and regular customers are always offered discounts in our company.

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