LED media facades
We offer the latest solutions for media facades implementation

LED media facades

We offer the latest solutions for media facades implementation. Our experience and high level of quality control are the guarantee of your project success.

In most cases, large media facades cover almost the entire facade area of a building. Combined with a dynamic image and video, media facades attract the greatest possible attention of clients and advertisers.

Media facades varieties:

  • Rack-mount media facade

Rack-mount media facade is the very first medium for displaying media information in the category of facade technologies. It is great for placing on the surface of blind walls or on those buildings where the light transmission level does not matter.

Installation is carried out on the facade, on a harvested metal structure with ~15 cm distance from the surface. This allows for light transmittance from 40 to 60%; also, rack units are easy to install and maintain.

  • Pixel media facade

Pixel media facades have one important advantage: lack of a rigid block design. If a building has a complex facade with a curvature along several axes, a pixel media facade will perfectly fit and complement its image. This type is the most light-transmitting (from 60% to 80%). The mounting is performed on metal cables and horizontal slides.

  • Acrylic media facade

Acrylic media facade is the rarest one due to its high cost and attachment methods involving fixing on vertical slides inside the building, behind the glass. With light transmittance from 50 to 70%, it is mainly used for building small areas, shop windows, restaurant vitrines, etc.

Media facades costs

The final cost of a media facade depends on  technology and dimensions chosen, so we recommend you to get the exact figures estimated by contacting us.

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