HD Home Cinemas
New technology: large-size premium class LED TVs

HD Home Cinemas

New technology: large-size premium class LED TVs

LED TVs by LEDdispleji.lv can turn your living room into a real cinema!

Home cinemas by LEDdispleji.lv are a combination of modern technologies and new LED solutions for a complete immersion into action when watching your favorite movies.

A unique premium product in the Latvian market: LED HD HOME CINEMAS.

Our HD home cinemas are equipped with advanced LED technology which literally enlivens the image on the screen.

What are the advantages of using LED HD cinemas in comparison with conventional LED LCD TVs?

LED HD cinemas LED LCD TVs
Brightness 500-800 CD/m² ~350 CD/m²
Realistic image 100% matte display generates a realistic picture which is perceived as more voluminous and emotional. The image and the viewer are divided by glass which reflects the light, and as a result, the image perception deteriorates.
Image quality in direct sunlight The image does not deteriorate due to lack of a glass coating and high brightness LEDs. Brightness over 500-800 CD/m² The image deteriorates due glass coating which gets glare. Maximum brightness 350 CD/m²
Possibility of transformation and display sizes If necessary, the display design can be altered, thus changing its proportion and size. Impossible.
Repairability Modular assembly technology allows to easily and quickly replace any damaged element. Dead pixels, cracked glass and other defects are not subject to repair.
Lifetime ≥ 10 years ≥ 5 years
Power consumption ~ 0,45 kW/h/m² ~ 0,60 kW/h/m²
Service LED displays are serviced from the front side, without screen disassembling. LED LCD TVs must be disassembled completely when serviced.
Viewing Angle H/V: 170°/ 170° H/V: 150°/ 150°
Update speed ≥ 100 kHz 30 ~ 81 kHz
Colors 16 M 16 M

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Find out how the image on a LED home cinema looks.

Before buying a LED home theater, you need to know exactly what you will get. We kindly invite you to a consultation and LED home theater demonstrations.

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