LED creeping lines
We produce LED creeping lines of any size

LED creeping lines 

We produce LED creeping lines of any size, height and length in Latvia for outdoor and indoor use.


Our works

Prices for the popular sizes of creeping lines:

Among the variety of modern visual advertising tools, LED creeping lines take one of the leading positions due to their efficiency as a means of attention-grabber with their bright contrasting luminous symbols and dynamic information display.


LED creeping lines advantages

Functions and visual effects of a video display:

  • All video formats supported
  • Text with a variety of effects: flickering, moving left to right, bottom to top, etc. at a different speed.
  • GIF animations and pictures can be easily uploaded an played
  • Date and time, air temperature
  • Image scheduler: you can upload vast information into a display at the same time, by specifying the date and time for actual display.
  • Area split: the display can be divided into several areas, and each will play independent information.

* If the height of the selected display is ≥ 40 cm, you can have text output in two lines.

Control options for video displays:

  •     Basic configuration - download information via USB flash drive:
    The program is created on your computer and stored on a USB flash drive. Once the flash drive is inserted into the USB connector, the new information is saved and displayed.

    The advantage is that the display can work remotely from the computer.

    A USB wire with a connector can be 3-10 meters long.

  •    Permanent display connection via Ethernet LAN cable or serial port:
    Information is sent to the display at the touch of a button.

  • Connect to the display via a wired WIFI receiver
  • Connection via radio signal up to 200 meters
  • 3GPRS wireless connection

* Additionally, we can equip the display with an infrared remote control, which allows to change (scroll) the pre-loaded information on the display from a distance of 5 m.

Temperature and weather conditions:

  • Our displays can withstand temperatures from -30 to +50 degrees.
  • Displays are airtight and protected from moisture, rain, and snow.

What is the service life of a LED video display? 

  • The service life of constantly turned on displays is 3+ years.

What are the terms of manufacturing a creeping line?

  • Standard production of a display takes 7-14 working days.
  • If an order exceeds the required amount of available stored parts, the manufacturing time may take 20 -30 working days.

Which display size to choose?

  • The height of the display: first, you need to know the average distance from the viewer to the display

The minimum display height is 20 cm, the operational area is 16 cm (the letter of such height will be clearly visible from a distance of up to 30 m).

If the distance is greater or you want your display to be highlighted and brighter, you can select a larger display, for example, 32 cm, 48 cm, 64 cm, etc.

With a display height of ≥32 cm, you can display information in two lines or more.

  • The length of the display depends on what information you want to show

If you are aimed at short words, for example, ACTION, WIFI, DISCOUNTS, you can choose a display with a length of ≥96 cm.

If you plan to display larger phrases, the longer the display length, the more text will be simultaneously displayed on the display and so the overall perception of the text will be more effective.


* We can produce a display of any height and length.


For example, a display can repeat the entire perimeter of your store, emphasizing the architecture of your building and demonstrating your company’s prestige.



Being a manufacturer, we are offering very favorable prices for our products. The cost of a creeping line depends on its size, length and width, as well as the color of the LED modules.

The price includes everything required for work!

For your convenience, we offer you installment payments up to 10 months.

You can get the detailed information about prices by phone or online.

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